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We’re passionate about educating our clients and we don’t want myths about the mortgage industry or the loan process to keep you from your homeownership goals.

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An infographic of key benefits of homeownership

The Benefits of Homeownership

The past two years have highlighted the true value of homeownership, especially the stability and the feeling of accomplishment it can provide. But homeownership has so much more to offer. Homeowners can feel proud of the space they call home and know they’ve made a sound financial investment. This graphic lists just a few key financial and non-financial benefits of owning a home
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Median Down Payments

Did You Know: Today’s Median Down Payment Is Less Than 20% for most home buyer age groups and the average overall. Saving for a down payment and concerns around how much is enough can feel like one of the biggest obstacles for homebuyers – but it doesn’t have to be that way! This graph looks at the median down payment for recent home buyers, broken down by age group – and it’s much lower than you’d expect.
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A infographic of median down payment amount
An infographic of real estate voted the best investment

Investing in Real Estate

In an annual Gallup poll, Americans chose real estate as the best long-term investment for 2021. What’s more, real estate has been on a winning streak, consistently gaining traction as the best investment for eight years in a row.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home, this poll should reassure you. Historically, real estate remains a strong investment, even during inflation. When you lock in a mortgage payment, you’re shielded from rising rental costs and mortgage rate increases – plus, you own an asset that typically gains value with time.

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